Cecilia Reyes

Cecilia Reyes


Society should aim for economic progress and free markets to bring this about inevitably result in uneven distribution of prosperity. Excessive concentration of wealth and power that goes with it is not sustainable as it leads to breakdown of social cohesion and in the end, inhibits economic growth. Society needs a new economic framework that can thrive in a free market where doing good stands equally and simultaneously alongside doing well. Only when such an economic force is strong can we hope to bring about a more balanced distribution of prosperity.

With PhD in Finance from London Business School, Cecilia worked for Credit Suisse in Zurich from 1990 to 1995, worked for ING Barings in London and ING Asset Management in Amsterdam in 1995 to 2000 and joined Zurich Insurance Group in 2001 where during the next 17 years she held various management and executive roles, most recently as its Group Chief Investment Officer and Group Chief Risk Officer and Member of Executive Committee.

After retiring from Zurich, Cecilia has been active as a social entrepreneur with the co-founding of OWN with Michael Christen.  As managing director of PIONEER Management Services, she and Michael have been actively pursuing with a group of expert advisers the development of OWN into a thriving social enterprise delivering inclusive financial services to its members.


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